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One Sided Love for a Lesbian

QuickCode : kristen

I am in love with my best friend who is straight. she is amazing and no one can compare to her in my eyes. shes the only thing i want but i will never have. its been 2 years of nothing but heart ache. i am the happiest when im with her but i only set myself up when i am. it hurts twice as much to be with her in the long run. she knows i have feelings for her that are more than just friends and she wants to help me she doesnt want to see me suffer any longer. i just dont think she knows im IN LOVE with her.
i wish all these feelings would go away, then i wouldnt suffer and niether would she. she cries for me because she hates to see me hurting so much. and that kills me everytime i see her cry.

Category Romance

Submitted 05-02-2007 18:55
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advice from Guest3392194 | 07-17-2007 06:51 | E : 0 | S : 0
Time will heal ,tough luck.Better to distance away,out of sight out of mind ,it will definiety work

advice from Guest3463664 | 07-27-2007 03:54 | E : 0 | S : 0
I had the same problem with another girl but you still have your whole life ahead of you so you can wait for your next true love


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