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I'm an alcoholic

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Ok. Im addicted to alcohol. When I get off work, all i do is drink. My days off im drunk by noon, and usually pass out by 3. If you think its a joke dont bother reading it, i dont need your negative comments. I tried finding an aa near me, but there is none. I have no friends, and i think my family is beggining to know. I don't want this anymore! IS there anything that can help me? Drinking was cool when i was young and when it was social, but now im 24 and I don't drink with people anyone. I just drink as fast as i can after i get off, so i can be drunk in time for bed. I actually contimplate suicide alot at night. Please only post if you want to help, I dont think i can take anything negative anymore.
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Submitted 01-10-2007 19:39
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advice from Guest2704892 | 03-29-2007 13:43 | E : 14 | S : 5
Me too. It cost me the true love of my life, a DUI, countless incidents of hurting those I care about, bankruptcy, and on and on. And towards the end, when it was getting really bad, death became ever more appealing. Believe me - there are hundreds of thousands of people who have been exactly where you are. And are not there any longer. Its is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease and one you CANNOT beat by yourself. And it will take your life, one way or the other. By saying your addicted you acknowledge the problem which is half the battle.
If there is no AA near you - travel to a meeting. Go to the AA website and find the closest one. Five hours away? Drive to it. Maybe you'll find others there that live closer to you and you can start your own meeting.

It is absolutely essential you find a support group of people who can relate to your problem. Your family can help but only another alcoholic can understand.
There is one thing that you MUST know - you don't have to drink. You don't ever have to have another drink as long as you live. But you must do everything in your power to get to a support group.

My prayers are with you.
A fellow alcoholic (in recovery)

advice from Guest2405410 | 02-20-2008 11:10 | E : 9 | S : 2
I am an alcoholic it's really begun to take over my life. It started out socially, years ago. Then it was a few beers or wine at home every evening. Then on lunch breaks and after work. Since then, I've been a regular at any convenience store or liquor mart near any place of work or home I've had. I don't even need my ID anymore! It's terrible... I probably drink (on the average day) about 60 oz of beer (2 24ouncers, and maybe a 12oz)during my lunch breaks alone. I can conceal my intoxication quite well with beer alone, so none of my coworker suspect. But then for the drive home, I hit up the liquor stores where I'll buy a couple of those little 'Club' cocktails, Vodka or Gin Martini usually (because they're higher in alcohol content), and maybe another beer. Over the past 6 months or so, I can't handle liquor like I used to. When vodka's in me, I immidiately get very tired. By the time I get home, I pass out... usually to wake up in the middle of the night with my lights still on, clothes and makeup still on, etc.
I used to be a huge finatic about personal hygiene, but the way things are going I'm lucky to bathe myself once every 2-3 days!
I have just started attending this AA meeting recently. I hope it will help. It does seem wonderful to have people around who understand, being that my friends and family don't.
I fight with my family a lot, and most of my friends (those I haven't isolated myself from) have told me not to come around them if I've been drinking.
This is a VERY hard addiction to beat. I've quit other drugs...even cocaine! But nothing can touch on this.
My prayers are with u! :]

advice from Guest2821372 | 04-10-2007 16:01 | E : 6 | S : 1
I'm 40, next May I will celebrate 4 years of sobriety, all thanx 2 AA. Seems you have the only requirement for AA-membership: a desire to stop drinking. You don't have to be sober to be at an AA meeting (although I find it works better that way ;-))I sure hope you can save the trouble I gave myself: I spent 10 years of my life trying to control my drinking. AA is the only thing that has ever kept me sober, sane & happy at the same time, and I have tried EVERYTHING else. The most important thing: BE HONEST! To yourself and your family. Don't be ashamed, that is part of the disease, would you be ashamed if you had Diabetes? Alcoholism is an illness, you can't cure yourself. Ask for help. I don't know if u r religious but I got some in AA and I find that when I honestly ask for Gods help, I get it. Turns out God can help me even if I don't believe in him. And as for people who say 'AA did not work for me' : pooh! It works if you work it, and it doesn't if you don't, Alcoholism doesn't come overnight, and neither is it cured overnight. Best of luck 2 u.


advice from Guest2711580 | 03-30-2007 08:30 | E : 8 | S : 4
Alcohol seems like a natural progression to the day. I know because that's how I felt for a while. If I wasn't drinking something after work I'd feel like I was missing out on something. I mean, what else is there to do anyway? But after a while the drinking didn't help the boredom let alone the feeling to get something more, if just out of the shitty week day. The truth is its not about the alcohol, its about the need for something more. For me it started out with just hanging out with friends and then just became drinking; maybe its cause on some level I still felt like I was hanging out. But things only started to change when my heart changed. Drinking is only a bandaid for a mortal wound. The only person that could help me was someone who could know me better than I knew myself, and it wasn't my parents or friends. It was someone who could love me despite the my personal downfalls, someone that would never fail me. I knew that I could try and try and would always fail but that is why I turned to God. I mean, if he's out there wouldn't you want to know? Maybe it's the answer to there being something more to life.

advice from Guest3247698 | 06-16-2007 17:44 | E : 7 | S : 3
heres my e-mail
e-mail me and well talk about this okay

advice from Guest2724571 | 03-31-2007 22:39 | E : 5 | S : 3
Why kill yourself? If it wasn't alcohol that was doing this to you, but a person instead, what would you do? Get away from him, right? Never see him again. It's a lot easier with a person, though, isn't it? What brings you back to alcohol? Dependence, right? Here's the deal: when you think about quitting, inside you there's a voice that you don't ackowledge, and that voice is saying "but I love it" or at least "but I need it". That little voice is the bastard you need to move away from. But you don't load the truck and move out alone. It's sad that you don't have friends, but if you did they might be in the same boat, so that together you all feel "normal". If you family isn't a help, you need to take vacation time (or see if your work has an employee assistance program) and head off to treatment. Start with your doctor. He or she will likely know just by looking at your eyes what's up. They'll help you. Be straight with them. But you've got to kill that voice inside that tells you you need this so much that you shouldn't even see the doctor. Straight up, your life could end like this; "drunk guy kills self." Or it could end at some distant time, when you've kicked this and found something worthwhile in life. Hate your job? Go to school. Yes. Decide what life you want and start the process of working your way there. You know what? The trip is just as fun as arriving. Even being the poor student part is fun in a wacky way. And when you arrive? Well, you get to decide, don't you. It's your life, right? But remember, you live it with others. And you need their help right now. Sorry this is long. And it's my first time here...

advice from Guest1836477 | 12-20-2007 15:05 | E : 3 | S : 1
My prev. post was a mistake - I hit the wrong button before finishing.
I can relate. As many others have already mentioned - you are not alone.
I am a very successful person and yet still drink and feel horrible about it. I will keep myself and you in my prayers.

advice from Guest3052738 | 05-02-2007 12:49 | E : 3 | S : 2
hey this isnt reallyu advice man im not bashing alcohalics anomous either im not a godly person im also a fellow addict tho i think really
we just need to find sum other hobbies drinking for me is just killing time i dont want to join an aa, but if you are looking for sumone to vent to or help out out side your own family i'll listen man. i know im only 21 but ive been goin threw this since i can remember. anyhow if ya wanna get a hold of me just to talk, you can my emails [moderated : Sorry no email addresses in advice - I can't confirm that it is the sender's email address]

advice from Guest2800917 | 04-08-2007 14:23 | E : 1 | S : 1
Being an alcoholic my self I understand your feelings of hoplesness.You have an incurable disease and the answer is willingness to change...your whole life.AA is all over the world and I don't believe there isn't an AA group near you....If you really want help you can find it if you contact the AA in your phone book....Willingness is the answer and a bit of courage will go along way. Good luck


advice from Guest1773928 | 12-15-2007 02:00 | E : 2 | S : 2
I'm stuggling with alcoholism. People that go to A.A. Understand what we are dealing with. The strength comes through the twelve steps. I can remember laying in bed waiting to pass out, praying to the god that I did not understand, (Still don't) that if I didn't wake up it would be fine with me. I don't pray for death anymore, but I have some hope because I see peoople everday that go through life without picking up a drink or drug. ay God bless you and keep you til you find your path.

advice from Guest2267494 | 02-05-2008 16:26 | E : 0 | S : 0
Hi there,

my name's marie. im 24 and i am too addiced to alcohol.

i hope ur feeling better and have got support since you posted your message. i was/am a recovering alcoholic and relapsed about three months ago. I want to avoid relapse this time as I felt so much happier, with much more energy and motivation while sober and am currently browsing the internet for anything that might help. I plan to return to AA meetings as soon as I can. While I was going to AA meetings and getting regular support I found it much easier to kick the habit, as not only is it a big relief to finally find people that understand and to discuss it with but it is also a brilliant social outlet, a healthy one at that! You meet so many people, all with different stories to tell. I know some people say that u can give it up on your own, and i'd be interested to hear any comments on that, but personally when I drifted away from support, it was a few months before I fell back into my old ways. Its free too, only requiring an optional donation, so u might as well make it easy for yourself. I'd really recommend finding a way to meetings, such as driving or getting a bus. This is all a positive step, so your life can only improve from here!

Good luck :)

advice from Guest824085 | 01-12-2007 15:50 | E : 3 | S : 4
I think that you are going to have to come clean and admit to your family about this problem. Don't try to downplay it, but make sure they understand that you drink everyday and feel that you are out of control. Beating alcoholism is extremely hard and you are going to need all the help that you can get. You should find out if their is any crisis program or counseling available through your health insurance if you have any through work. I'd also check the post-it boards at the closest college for crisis hotlines for suicide or drinking - even if the crisis hotline isn't exactly what you need - they should be able to refer you.

advice from Guest1923969 | 01-14-2007 10:44 | E : 1 | S : 2
If you really want it you can do it. i dated a guy, ironicly he's 24 also and it seemed like he did the same things you did. i fell in love with him, then his alcholism took over, soon everything we did had to have a beer, couldn't even go to a resturant unless they served alcohol. it hurt to see him put his self though that and i couldn't and still can't understand why. i wish i could've helped. but you can't help someone unless they help themselves first. if you keep this up, you're going to kill yourself and that's just selfish on ur part. Suicide is an easy out. the real challenge is over coming the drinking. you'll be happier.

advice from Guest2491291 | 03-06-2007 14:34 | E : 2 | S : 3
If you can't find an AA then i'm sure you could set one up. There's bound to be lots of others in the same boat as you. If not then you could call one of the alcohol abuse hotlines. They can be really helpful. of course your biggest system of support will be family and friends. Tell them about your problem and you will get their support. 24 is not too late to make a new you. =) much luck.

advice from Guest2570742 | 03-14-2007 15:51 | E : 8 | S : 9
(33 year old woman) Yup I have the same problem. AA did not work for me and my therapist told me that I was not an alcoholic - I just had avoidance issues...basically that I should just stop. I sure did stop. I stopped seeing that therapist. Just to give myself some sanity I try only to get drunk every other day...I'm sad and I'm lonely, but I don't know what else to do.

advice from Guest2679738 | 03-26-2007 16:30 | E : 2 | S : 3
My ex boyfriend was an alcoholic, and I watched him go through hell. My heart goes out to you, but I know if you sincerely want to change, you can do it. Don't hesistate to confide in other people to get help. I have confidence in can do this.

advice from Guest2693092 | 03-28-2007 08:38 | E : 6 | S : 7
I have issues with alcohol also...maybe you can start by only allowing yourself to drink on certain days of the week. Then on the "sober days" you should find other non-alcohol related activities. Join a gym or buy a bike and go for bike rides. I find that not having anything to drink in the house keeps me from drinking -that night. Try to make a conscious effort to MAKE yourself not drink on your "sober days." Maybe you can join a bible study group. Make sure they know what you are going through so they can hold you accountable. I hope things get better for. I know how you feel. You are not alone- nor are you the first person to have this problem. Good luck...Also you need to take this one day at a time. Set a goal for each day and stick with it. I think as alcoholics we require instant gratification. We don't have any boundaries or rules in our lives. Make rules and stick to them! Our lives are gifts; we should really appreciate what we have.

advice from Guest2709577 | 03-30-2007 02:47 | E : 7 | S : 8
I was an alcoholic. Actually, I was self-medicating..I was depressed and had no life. Please take my advice seriously because it saved my life and my life with my daughter. I sought out God, told Him everything. To make a long story short...I no longer have the desire to drink, nor do I even like the taste of alcohol. He took that all away but most important, removed what it was that made me an alcoholic. And it's free.

advice from Guest2394096 | 03-30-2007 08:38 | E : 2 | S : 3
I think th emost important thing to do first and formost is figure out the underlying reason that your drinking. There is a reason that you don't want to be in a sober state of mind and whatever it is needs to be brought to the surface and dealt with. It would be great if you could find some service providers in your community or near your community that you can use since there is no AA meetings around. Indiviual counseling could be highly effective also. It might even be impowering to get a 12 step book and read it and start your own AA meetings by posting an ad in the newspaper. Their are many different ways to overcome alcolism, you have to find your own way out, so brainstorm. Think about your strengths, your interest- those will help pull you through the rough times. I am not going to advise you to tell your family just for the simple fact that you did not describe your family. If they are the root of the drinking or would be unreceptive to your needs, it may only make things worse. However, it is IMPERATIVE to find support (healthy, stable, and appropriate support). Your still very yound and have a long life ahead of you. It's really good that you already realize this is a problem, they say that is the first and the hardest step in the change process. Good Luck!

advice from Guest2570713 | 03-30-2007 15:19 | E : 3 | S : 4

advice from Guest2740666 | 04-02-2007 16:42 | E : 3 | S : 5
You have a problem for sure, there is life if you want it you have started by asking on this site. a friend of mine well Two realy both drunk them selfs to death on was saoing the world other had a great job high wages, who know why they did it.
there is help pick up the phone book you will find help.
The mind has the power use it you can find info at {moderated: sorry no external links}
that can help you on that side of it I use it all the time. You can change.
Friends you only need one be it man or dog or cat.One great friend is better than a million false friends.


advice from Guest3123403 | 05-14-2007 15:00 | E : 1 | S : 3
there is help...there are recovery chat rooms if you cant get to AA meetings...try that for a start


advice from Guest2863946 | 04-03-2008 22:30 | E : 18 | S : 61
i love drinking!

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